Stainless steel market back to life


Stainless steel’s price is growing up, after the slump period

The price of stainless steel are growing up, after the slump period, benchmark 304 stainless steel currently trades at around $2,800 per ton in Tokyo, roughly 6% higher than the most recent low in September 2016.

The higher prices result from increased costs for the key ingredients of stainless steel; in particular for ferro chrome there was a 50% jump in price since the October-December quarter of 2016, and nickel is trading a level about 30% higher than a recent low in February 2016.

According to Japan Stainless Coil Center Association sales of stainless steel coils and sheets totaled about 63,000 tons in November 2016, up 6% on the month and the highest level in 32 months.

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